Between March 23rd and April 8th, 2020 the number of confirmed COVID19 cases in Nigeria has risen from 36 to 254. This is over 700% increase in 16 days. As at 9:30pm on April 7th, 2020, Nigeria CDC announced the confirmation of 16 new COVID19 cases in the country as follows: Lagos-10, Abuja-2, Oyo-2, Delta-1, Katsina-1).


Lagos- 130 |  FCT- 50  | Osun- 20  |  Oyo- 11 |  Edo- 11  | Bauchi- 6  |  Akwa Ibom- 5  |  Kaduna- 5  |  Ogun- 4  |  Enugu- 2  |  Ekiti- 2  |  Rivers-2  |  Benue- 1  |  Ondo- 1  |  Kwara- 2  |  Delta- 1  |  Katsina-1

Gladly, there also has been a rise in the number of recovered patients t0 44. However, 6 COVID19 related deaths have been recorded.

Lagos state holds record of the highest number of confirmed covid19 cases in the country and only on 7th April did Delta state confirm the first case of COVID19.

Authorities continue to stress the need for strict adherence to the StayatHome policy directed by the Federal Government. However, in parts of Lagos, citizens have been seen performing fitness exercises in large gatherings.

Nollyw0od actress, Funke Akindele and her husband have been sentenced to 14 community service with a fine of N100,000.00 each after she pleaded guilty to defying the lockdown order. She was arrested and arraigned at a Lagos state magistrate court after social media users called the attention of authorities to a viral video of a party hosted at her house which contravened the Social distancing and Lockdown order of the Govt.

Meanwhile, State Governments across the country continue to encourage citizens to adhere to the #StayatHome policy as a measure to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This has caused an uproar among some youth  who have expressed their dissatisfaction due to the current economic realities in the country which has over 90 million people living in poverty.

Lagos and Ogun State Government in a bid to alleviate the hunger resulting from the #StayatHome lockdown order have embarked on distribution of welfare packages containing staple food items to vulnerable citizens .

Looking at the trend of increasing number of cases, it is important that all citizens play that part towards mitigating the spread of coronavirus in the country.